Pandoras BDSM Studio in Wroclaw, Poland.

For Dominas, Doms, kinky couples, swingers or groups – our centrally located, well-equipped and stylishly decorated BDSM studio apartment is available for rent.

We offer you the entire 65m2 apartment for 2 or more people with multiple play-rooms for your domination sessions or private parties with full anonymity.  Our space sleeps 6 people on 3 double beds/folding lounges. Our studio has no noise curfew, few rules and all freedoms to enjoy.  The dedicated entrance to our studio is discreet and car parking is close.  Our 3-level historic space is located 5 minutes walking to the city centre. 
When you schedule an overnight, the studio is yours and yours alone, from check-in to check-out, ensuring your total privacy.

There are floggers, whips, cuffs, ropes & chains for your use. Please bring your own toys and gadgets as we suppy only devices which can be fully sanitised between clients.

Please click on the images on the right to explore our kinky space

The Harlequin Room: Bondage bench, Gynaecological chair, Sex swing, multiple suspension points.

The Baroque Room: The Royal bed-chamber – 8m long – with a double bed, double fold-out couch/bed and St. Andrew’s Cross.

Tulip Room: The 2nd bedroom, equipped with a double bed and pleasant view! (24/12/21: Presently unavailable)

Slaves Place: An isolation cell for slaves.

Vanilla Zone: A fully-equipped modern kitchen for socialising and relaxing.

Bathroom: Stylish and warm, including a washing machine.

When at Pandoras you can close the door to the rest of the world and be completely undisturbed that you can lose yourself completely in your wildest fantasies.

Located in Wroclaw, Poland, this city has a lot to offer just 5-minutes by foot.  Cosmopolitan flair with a vibrant atmosphere, amazing cuisine with an incredible selection of restaurants from all price-ranges, historic streets, endless pubs and clubs…
A cash-machine / ATM, 24-hour Service station, a ‘Zabka’ convenience store and 4 restaurants are all within 100m of the door. It’s only 5-mins by foot to Wroclaw’s vibrant pub / clubbing quarter and 8-mins by foot to the central Market Square, ‘Rynek’.

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